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Access to Care

One of the defining aspects of Concierge Care at
Jupiter Medical Center is being able to get in touch with your
personal physician, quickly, easily and conveniently.

Office Visits

Because Dr. Corry accepts a limited number of
patients, she is able to take the time to offer
patients longer appointments. Patients have the
time to ask questions, share their health concerns
and discuss their treatment options, without
feeling that their physician is watching the clock.

The unhurried pace helps patients feel listened
to, and allows patient-physician bond to develop.
This helps patients feel more comfortable sharing
health issues that they may not have felt
comfortable sharing with other doctors. Longer
appointments also allow Dr. Corry to get to know
the whole person, so that she can tailor medical
advice, treatments and recommendations to the


Concierge Care offers a convenient way for
patients to see their personal physician, from
the comfort of home, or perhaps while you’re
traveling for business or pleasure to a farther

In lieu of coming into the office, Dr. Corry’s
patients can schedule a virtual visit, via video
chat. Telehealth gives patients the peace of
mind knowing they can see their doctor, from
wherever they may be.

COVID Testing:
What You
Need to Know

With Concierge Care, you can easily connect
with Dr. Corry to determine if you should
receive a COVID-19 test. She will perform a
COVID screening via telehealth or phone to
evaluate your situation and symptoms. If she
decides testing is needed, Dr. Corry can then
help set up a convenient curbside test at one
of five Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care

If you think you may have had COVID-19 and
no longer have symptoms, Dr. Corry can also
coordinate an antibody test to detect past

Phone Consultations

At some doctor’s offices, it’s almost impossible
to get your physician on the phone. If you have
a question, your only option is to make an
appointment for an in-person visit.

Dr. Corry knows that some questions can be
easily answered over the phone, without the
need for an in-person consultation. By being
available by phone, Concierge Care allows
patients to efficiently get the advice or
information they need.


Have a quick question? Forgot to ask
something during an appointment and
want to mention it to your doctor? Want
to send a photo of a rash, an injury or
mole you’re not sure about?

Many of us communicate using text
messages, sometimes more than any
other form of communication. Dr. Corry
is available via text for her patient’s

Join Our

When you enroll in
Jupiter Medical Center
Concierge Care, you’re
making an investment in
your health.

Benefits of
Concierge Medicine

Same-day appointments,
24/7 access and a personal
wellness plan are just a few
of the advantages.

Primary Care,

From executive physicals to
care coordination, we’re here
for all of your healthcare needs.