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Concierge Care Services

Concierge Care puts the focus on you. With more time to spend with each patient,
Concierge Care enhances the physician-patient relationship, offering a more personalized
approach to healthcare. Our goal is to help you feel great, maximize your health over the
long-term, and provide a healthcare experience that exceeds expectations.

Wellness Plan

Many of us want to know whether we’re doing
everything we can to stay healthy. Dr. Nichole
Corry, your personal concierge physician, will
work with you on a comprehensive assessment
of your overall health, including your heart
health, nutrition, fitness, health habits and stress
levels. She’ll also help you achieve your health
goals, whether it’s sleeping better, losing a few
pounds, addressing chronic pain or getting
illnesses under control without medications.


When you’re not feeling well, no one wants
to hear that their doctor isn’t available until
next week. At Jupiter Medical Center
Concierge Care, you can make a same-day
appointment to see your personal doctor.
Patients have the peace of mind in knowing
that if they need help, a doctor who knows
them and their medical history will be
available when they need them.

Quality Time
With Your Doctor

Dr. Corry sees a limited number of patients. This allows her to devote more
time and attention to each patient, and allows the patient and physician to
develop a trusting relationship over a longer period.
30 minutes
Visits may last 30 minutes to over an hour for a
comprehensive, executive-level annual physical.

Minimal to
No Wait Times

When you arrive for your Concierge Care
appointment, expect to have little or no wait time.
Your time is valuable, and we do everything in our
power to show you we respect that. Our schedule is
determined by what our patients need.


If you are managing a chronic health
condition or other disease, coordination
among specialists is critical. Your concierge
physician will serve as the hub for
specialists, ensuring that they are
communicating and aligned to meet your
healthcare needs.

By coordinating the appropriate follow-ups
and helping to make sure your questions
are answered, Dr. Corry can improve your
healthcare experience, relieve some of the
stress of dealing with a serious medical
issue, and ensure you achieve the best

Join Our

When you enroll in
Jupiter Medical Center
Concierge Care, you’re
making an investment in
your health.

Benefits of
Concierge Medicine

Same-day appointments,
24/7 access and a personal
wellness plan are just a few
of the advantages.

Primary Care,

From executive physicals to
care coordination, we’re here
for all of your healthcare needs.